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... for visiting my pages all the years!!! In 1997 I just thought it might be a nice idea, to review my first Palm a bit more from the technical side, once I had it apart anyway. Then the whole project grew 'a bit', sometime I feel beyond my influence :). That's nearly 10 years ago now and the Palm world changed alot. In fact I think, PalmOS lost to many battles and we won't see alot more PalmOS driven devices in the future (just my 2 cents!).

But my life changed a bit too, I grew 10 years older and the days seem to shorten, so does the free time (probably everything takes longer, once you're an old man <g>). I always drove PPP as a pure private site, I refused to take a single cent for ads, I wanted to keep it neutral (yes, I had good offers). To make a long story short, PPP will remain online as long as possible, but I won't update it anymore or only very, very 'sparsely'.

Again, thanks for all the feedback, greetings and ideas I got from all over the world - it was nice to have you :).

The Reviews
.Button.Palm IIIx review
.Button.Palm V(x) review
.Button.Palm IIIc review
.Button.TRGPro review
.Button.Palm m100 review
.Button.Palm m500 review
.Button.Palm m505 review
.Button.Cassiopeia E-10 review
.Button.Sony Clié PEG-N760C review
.Button.Sony Clié PEG-NR70V review
.Button.Sony Clié PEG-NX70V review
.Button.Palm Tungsten T review
.Button.Palm Tungsten T3 review and how to run the old Graffiti on a T3
.Button.A good team: The Bluetooth access point BT3021 and the Tungsten T3
All the other stuff

.Button.Make your own serial Clié cradle
.Button.The PalmPilot and me
.Button.m500 series quality problem?
.Button.m500/m505 cradle - USB to serial modification
.Button.Hardware - This and that
.Button.The serial port
.Button.The Palm III / OS3 upgrade
.Button.Enhanced IrDA driver
.Button.Power for the Palm
.Button.Power for the cradle
.Button.One RS-232 - two cradles
.Button.The DTMF page
.Button.Clear case Palms
.Button.Peter's Software (really obsolete!)

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