On this page I've tried to collect links for people who want to go further with their Pilot than just keeping their addresses and schedules. Most of the guys running these pages seem to be real 'Pilot-Gurus' and I learned alot from them. Especially their bi-weekly chat on IRC was always - and is still - a great source of information for me, and I can highly recommend it. Unfortunately the time lag between German and Central time doesn't allow me to attend these sessions as often as I would like to. But thanks to Calvin, I can read all the logs.
Please:  I tried to list all important sites I know. If I forgot one, just let me know and I'll add it. If someone thinks he doesn't want to be listed here, I'll immediately remove the link.

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Gaby's watercolours
You might excuse that private link. My site was and will be always ad free ... with one exception. My wife started painting and I had to promote her, don't you think? So people, look at her watercolours, they're really nice (no, I didn't have to say that <g>). Irish people should have a very good look, there are quite some scenes. Oh - the site is entirely in German, but the pictures tell it all :).
  Development and Information
Calvin's FAQ If there's one good place to start with, it's Calvin's FAQ. Another fine service of Calvin is his collection of all the IRC chat logs. Read more about the bi-weekly chats on his site. Oh, and Calvin wrote a book about the Pilot, coming out in Nov97. Look for his link, how to get it. 
Update: I got Calvin's book! What can I say ... a must for everyone with a Pilot!
Yet another update: Calvin's FAQ has been converted in a 'Knowledge base' on Palmgear's site - cool!
Daggerware If you're using Hacks on your Pilot, thank Ed Keyes (and register his software!). He had the farsightedness, that programs messing around with the system have to be organized - so he created Hackmaster (I wish MS had thought about that sometimes!). Check Ed's site for the Hackmaster API if you want to create your own system extension, and don't forget to watch out for all the other fine Daggerware apps and ideas!
Alan J. Weiner Tired of lousy 8-digit calculators? Well, get AlCalc. It turns the Pilot into the most accurate calculator you can find. Besides, Alan seems to contribute a lot of humor on the IRC. 
Update: Everyone's holding his breath ... Alan is working on AlVenture, a very flexible, semi-graphical orientated adventure game for the Pilot.
Yet another update: Check out Alan's latest tool - IPCalc, a nice IP-address calculator.
Deskfree Computing Murray seems to have mastered what I'm still learning - writing Hacks! I couldn't live without his SwitchHack and ClipHack. Together with DOC they're perfect to extract interesting parts of IRC logs and news. 
Update: Need a really good defragger? Try Recycle, the 'natural' one.
Darrin Massena Author of Pila, a cross-assembler for the Pilot and many more fine tools. If you intend to develop your own applications for the Pilot, take alot of time to explore his site. Excellent links to interesting docs about programming. Darrin runs also his own news server, dedicated to Pilot groups for all platforms (gcc, pila, jump, codewarrior).
The Palm Tree - Rob's PalmPilot Pages The Palm Tree provides a 'one stop' location for many informational resources on the Pilot. 
Topics include News Headlines, FAQ's, Reviews, Tips & Tricks, Info Sources, Development Info, Easter Eggs, Links and more.
VFDIDE To talk with Ole Grossklaus' words: This is the right place to find the ULTIMATIVE WYSIWYG Visual Form Designer + Integrated Development Environment. As an assembler freak I didn't check it out myself so far, but his pages look quite promising.
Dan's Pilot Page Dan Royea became a close friend far, far away - man I'm missing you! Dan's also called the 'PUQ-master' and he managed the give away in the Palm chat for a while. Hmm ... the PowerUser Questionnaire doesn't tell you a thing??? Well, check Dan's site !!!
   German site(s)
Palm Forum Deutschland Inzwischen wohl die Referenzseite Seite für alle deutschen Pilot Fans. Klasse finde ich die Software Reviews und den Gebrauchtmarkt. Aber auch alles andere an der Seite ist sehenswert und hochinteressant. Außerdem ist Markus meist der erste, der neue Palm Modelle und Zubehör anbietet. Im Palm Forum findet man auch die Anmeldung für die deutsche Pilot Mailingliste.
  Archives & Links
PalmGear H.Q. PalmGear is meanwhile definitely the major player when it comes to Palm devices. You can find most of the freeware, shareware and commercial software there. They offers also tons of hardware and accessories. PG handles also registrations. Very up-to-date most of the time. Kenny West is a regular IRC guest.
Update: I met Kenny on the European PalmSource 2003 (how great it is, to meet people from the first hour <g>) and he assured me, PalmGear is still getting better and better. Once more PalmGear improved their server infrastructur and indeed, the site reacts much quicker.
EuroCool Archive Alot of informations for every app, and due to the easy submit possibilities for authors, quite complete.
Handango! Formerly Ray's Palmcentral, the site offers meanwhile software for all kind of platforms, alot of Palm apps too. Site owners and developers can submit their site themselves.
  This and that
HandEra Formerly known as TRG (Technology Resource Group) HandEra started with various RAM cards for various Palm models. They also invented  FlashPro, a great tool to use the unused portion of the Flash memory in most Palms. Meanwhile HandEra released their own PalmOS heldhelds, the TRGPro and the HandEra 330
From the first hour on, TRG products were really of superior quality - well engineered and designed!
Update: Unfortunately both PDAs from HandEra are discontinued. As of Oct. 2003, you still can buy some accessories, but HandEra seems to return to their roots: Engineering and consulting.
Motorola DragonBall Motorola changed their sites again .. sigh .. you never know how long that link will work.
UPDATE: it's freescale now ... but still DragonBall :)
Palm Computing The original! In the developer zone you can find alot of usefull things. Look at the API docs in PDF format. They also maintain the application ID databank. Well, a must for developers.
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